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Top Ten Skincare Tips

Top Ten Skincare Tips

What would your esthetician tell you if you asked for her top tips on skincare? We’ve compiled a few of our most important top tips for you, so take your pick (or try them all).

1. Get your veggies! If you can, invest in a good quality juicer and drink your fill of green veggie juice every day. Swap your afternoon coffee or morning latte for a green juice and watch it transform your skin completely. Green juices help to stimulate lymphatic drainage and oxygenate your skin. Add some avocado if you really want to power up your juice – it gives your skin nutrition from inside and has great hydrating properties.

2. Always, always take off your make up before you go to bed. Sleeping in your make up is not only bad for your pillow cases, it’s terrible for your skin as the chemicals in modern make up stay in your pores overnight if you don’t remove them properly. Blocked pores lead to breakouts and for the sake of a few minutes before bed, it’s just not worth it.

3. Don’t worry about putting a face on for the gym – always work out makeup free. Mixing sweat with your cosmetics creates a lovely sheen of bacteria and chemicals that won’t do the
condition of your skin any good, so avoid any makeup at all, yes, even tinted moisturizer!
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Why Try Thermalift?

Why Try Thermalift?
An age defying facial treatment to lift and tighten using Radio Frequency waves to stimulate collagen production.
Painless and safe
 20 to 30 mins. Treatment
no downtime
provides youthful appearance
eliminates sagging and loose skin