5 Must-Try Beauty Treatments Post-Lockdown

Since the lockdown, everyone’s lives took a brief pause to flatten the curve.

Most people stayed at home as much as possible and pushed back plans to a later date. But with more countries easing their restrictions, putting those plans in motion might be sooner than you think.

Here are the top five beauty treatments you should definitely try once the lockdown gets lifted!

For that makeup-free contour

If you’re a huge fan of tightening treatments, you’ll don’t want to miss this.

Ultherapy tightens the skin from your brows down to the décolletage without going under the knife.

It’s a dream come true for those who have always wished for a more prominent jawline, a sexier collarbone, or just something in between.

All you need is one treatment to boost your body’s collagen production and there you have it!

For that toned look from head to toe

Is sitting all day doing your skin no good? We agree.

Say goodbye to fine lines and other signs of aging with Thermage. This non-invasive treatment treats wrinkles and sagging all over your body in just one session.

You can also go back to your usual activities ASAP with its zero downtime!

If you’ve got a busy schedule that’s ruining your good looks, then this one may just be the one for you.

For that glass skin without the hassle

Ready to experience a good skin day 24/7? No worries.

Clear + Brilliant will zap out skin impurities and all that jazz with superior laser technology.

You can also try out Clear + Brilliant Permea, which is designed to smooth out any texture that’s keeping you from your skin goals.

You’ll instantly see results, but with continuous treatment you’ll have that gorgeous glow that goes full-time!

For that instant radiant glow

Ever wondered if your usual facial holds up to Canada’s #1 Super Facial?

Hop right back in the game with a fresh face with the Be.YOU.tiful Glow by Oxygeneo. This baby right here proves all you need is a super facial.

This 3-in-1 treatment is a literal skin buffet with all the added benefits designed to glow up your skin. You can also tweak your facial to target specific needs!

Got your eye locked on any of these treatments yet? Reserve your slot today by clicking here or call us at +1-204-221-7046 for more info.