Ultherapy VS. Thermage: What’s the Difference?

Having a small, sculpted face is one of the best ways to look younger.

Ultherapy and Thermage can both achieve those things for you, but which one do you really need?

Here’s our quick guide on how you can tell these two apart.


Ultherapy uses microfocused ultrasound to target the deepest layers of the skin without surgery.

This treatment is almost like a facelift—without the scary parts. If you have fine lines and droopy skin on the brows or down to your chest, Ultherapy can tone those areas back to perfection.


How does Ultherapy work?

Collagen plays an important role in keeping a youthful glow, and Ultherapy works by waking up your body’s process in producing one.

During the treatment, the machine will emit heat using ultrasound technology to contract your skin. This will then improve the collagen production inside your body over time.

This new collagen will make your skin smoother, more defined, and well-lifted.



Thermage is powered by radio frequency that targets the first three layers of the skin sans the knife.

Kind of like a “skin iron”, this treatment smooths out wrinkles, sagginess, and even crepey skin all over the body through bulk heating. If you’re starting to see these signs of aging, it’s better to get Thermage instead.


How does Thermage work?

Collagen production starts to slow down by the time you turn 25, but you can help your body get back on track with Thermage.

During the treatment, you might experience a mild, stinging effect because of the bulk heating. Fret not! This will help tighten the existing collagen in your body as new batches of collagen are produced over time.

It may take a few months before you see the full results, but you’ll end up with a youthful glow like no other.


Which one’s right for you?

Both of these treatments are Canada-approved and non-invasive standalone treatments. They are also hefty, long-term investments that will give you the best bang for your buck.

If you’re still confused about which one works best for you, you can narrow down your specific needs before you make the choice.

Try to weigh in on other factors that may affect your decision, such as your age, budget, and the area that will be treated.

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