Le Soin by Dr. Mehran

Take care of your skin—the natural way—with Le Soin.


Founded by Dr. Mehran, Le Soin offers a wide variety of naturally inspired skincare products fit for every person’s needs.


Le Soin uses high-quality ingredients sourced from nature. These products are all meticulously crafted with utmost precision and care, delivering the perfect solution needed to beautify your skin.


Up to this day, the Le Soin skincare line continuously strives to provide innovative ways to access good skincare. Le Soin caters to different skin problems with its various kits, such as:


Vitaminize Line (for normal & oily skin)

Includes the Le Soin Vitaminize Cleanser, Deep Cleansing Toner, Camphor Toner, Biostimuline® Cream, Chlorophyll Mask, Camphor Mask, & Oily Skin Vial.


Biocéane® Line (for dehydrated skin)

Includes the Le Soin Biocéane® Cleanser, Toner, Cream, Mask, & Vial.


Azur Line (for sensitive & blotchy skin)

Includes the Le Soin Azur Cleanser, Cream, Soothing Toner, Blotchy Skin Mask, & Azulene Vial.


“E.S.” Universal Line (for extra sensitive skin)

Includes the Le Soin “E.S.” Moisturizing Cleanser, Toner, Day & Night Cream, Herbal Mask, & Liquid Soap.


PH7 Line (for normal & dry skin)

Includes the Le Soin PH7 Cleanser, Moisturizing Toner, Vitaderm® Cream, Pelicula® Mask, & Dry Skin Vial.


Stéralia® Line (for acne-prone skin)

Includes the Le Soin Stéralia® Cleanser, Toner, Cream, Mask, Foundation, & Liquid Soap.

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