Hair Removal

Say goodbye to burns and ingrown hairs with permanent hair removal.

DermaLase IPL

Say goodbye to ingrown bumps and waxing burns with DermaLase IPL.

Powered by NuBody, DermaLase is a Health Canada-approved laser treatment that uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to remove body hair. The machine instantly zaps away dead skin and hair follicles, leaving you hairless right where you want it with skin as smooth as butter. Since IPL also has skin rejuvenating benefits, skin spots, and scars also get treated in the process.

DermaLase IPL is a laser treatment mainly used for permanent hair removal.

Dead skin cells, skin spots, scars, and hair follicles on targeted areas.

DermaLase IPL works best for those who are currently on the Anagen phase (also known as the active stage) of hair growth.

DermaLase IPL does not need any downtimes. You’re free to shower or shave right after the treatment.

DermaLase IPL is a painless, cost-effective procedure for permanent hair removal. Compared to weekly waxing trips, most people would only need 6 to 8 treatments of DermaLase to get the job done once and for all.

There are multiple factors that affect how long and efficient your hair removal program will be, so an initial assessment is needed before you proceed.


One session of the DermaLase IPL takes 15 minutes. During the treatment, a handpiece will be used to produce strong flashes of light directly on the areas that need hair removal. You won’t feel anything else aside from a gentle pinch.


Ready to schedule your appointment? Click here or call us today at +1 204-290-6872.

Ready to schedule your appointment? Click here or call us today at +1 204-290-6872.